The Tbilisi Transformational Leadership Forum (TTLF) is a leadership program that is hosted By the Georgian Institute of Strategic Studies (GISS).

The program brings together a group of 20 practitioners (young leaders) in law, politics, academia, government, private enterprise, civil society, and international development from the Eastern Partnership (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus) and EU member states.

This program provides a unique forum for emerging leaders to connect, exchange experiences, and obtain practical training to advance their knowledge and skill set. Guest speakers from foundations, think tanks, government, businesses, and international organizations will provide a practitioners viewpoint on important issues.

The lectures offers insight into the origination, implementation and results of reforms related to EU integration as well as political, social, institutional, defense and economic transformations that took place or continue to take place in the Eastern Partnership and EU member states. In addition, the program offers lectures on the nexus of political, security and, economic factors influencing the regions under consideration.

The second phase of the project brings program participants from the Eastern Partnership countries to one of the EU member states to interact with local opinion makers and get a firsthand exposure to the local transformational processes. This year the second phase of the project will involve a trip to Stockholm, Sweden. In 2014 a study trip was organized in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

TTLF 2016 is the second consecutive international transformational leadership forum organized by GISS with funding from Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. SIPU International is the partner organization participating in the forum. 

In 2014 TTLF was supported by the International Visegrad Fund and was organized by GISS in a cooperation with 6 partner organizations participating in the forum: Foreign Policy Association of Moldova, EUROPEUM Institute of European Policy (Czech Republic), the Polish Institute of International Affairs, the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, the Slovak Atlantic Commission, and Institute of Political Education (Ukraine).

The program will help create a network of leaders (alumni). The gained knowledge and understanding of accomplished successful reforms and transformations will help inspire positive change in participants’ countries. Selected fellows should be available for the duration of the program.


Program will cover fellows’ travel and accommodation costs for the duration of the program.